Willow & Vine is a floral and event design company that seemed to just unfold for me. Looking back I realize it was the profession I was always meant to have. Growing up in the country I spent hours roaming the fields and woods, collecting wild flowers. I would take them home and sketch them, look up their name in a big plant book we had on our shelf, and then arrange them in a vase for our house. My mother would always comment that she had never seen anyone who could make weeds look so pretty. Each year there was an art competition at the school I attended and they had a category for floral arrangements. I entered every year and every year walked away with first place prize. Funny that it didn’t mean anything to me then. I was convinced I was going to get my masters in music and become a conductor! But that obviously wasn’t the path I was meant to walk. People began recognizing my little knack and asking me to do small events and weddings. It grew until I finally excepted that my passion for floral and event design was what I was suppose to do. So Willow & Vine was born and now I am happy to share my love and passion for beautiful flowers and events with you! 20140715-174713-64033544.jpg

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